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FRAME2FINISH offers a wide array of services.

If your particular project type is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific need.


New Build


A new construction home allows you to identify a home as being your own, reflective of your personality and taste. Building a home should always be a special and exciting adventure for you. We are here to help. With our years of knowledge and experience, we guarantee you will have the home of your dreams while enjoying the process.

Modern House

Full Exterior Remodels


They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but an updated exterior can hint at what to expect from the interior. Whether you’re looking to increase the property value of your home ahead of a sale, or closing on a house you can’t wait to make your own, an updated exterior will ensure curb appeal to make a lasting first impression.


Full Interior Remodels


Our homes are our havens, so when it comes down to it, they should reflect the people who live in them. There are two factors to consider when it comes to renovations - what needs to be done to make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and what investments make the most sense for resale value. Let us help you design, build and transform a space that is reflective of your true personality.




The heart of every home, the kitchen is undoubtedly the most used room. There’s no such thing as a kitchen that's perfect for everybody, but renovation gives you the chance to create a kitchen that’s perfect for you and your family. A well designed and inviting kitchen not only sets your property apart from the rest, but also adds to the resale value and helps to transform your house into a home. If your kitchen needs upgrading, modernizing or a complete renovation, let’s have a conversation and see what you could do with your space.


Bathroom Remodels


We are here to help you transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and renovate superb bathrooms. Whether you’re making small upgrades, or going for a full overhaul, a bathroom renovation can make a big difference to the feel of your home. Along with the kitchen, this practical space often takes top priority when it’s time to remodel.

Pools and Spas


Whether you're starting a project from the ground up or you're renovating your existing swimming pool and spa, we help to make sure the design is consistent with the style of your home's architecture so that everything flows and works together. Give us a call. Our creative planning ideas will allow you to have a pool and spa that becomes your own private aquatic retreat and enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.




Landscape design is all about balancing different elements. Generally speaking, hardscape is the hard stuff in the yard - concrete, bricks and stone, while softscape is the growing element - plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. In many areas hardscape defines the space, whereas softscape beautifies it. The results of hardscape design are usually permanent and immediate. There’s no waiting for something to grow. As soon as the materials are laid, the design is present. Hardscaping creates an interesting outside area to your property, complementing your house and architectural style. Additionally, it will add to your property’s value.

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Custom Firepits & Outdoor Kitchens


Construction trends have changed over the years, so has the design of modern outdoor kitchens and fire pits. Since the pandemic, families are spending more time at home and want to create their own special entertaining areas in their backyards. An outdoor kitchen and cozy fire pit are the perfect additions to your property. We will help to customize your outdoor kitchen and fire pit according to your personal taste and make your outdoor space into an area that the whole family will enjoy.




With outdoor entertaining areas becoming increasingly popular, homeowners are requesting comfortable outdoor dining / relaxing areas with custom shade protection. The timeless look of a pergola compliments any style of landscape, all while adding a whole new level of functionality and dimension to your outdoor space.




People want to look at the outdoors as an extension of their space that can be part of daily life. Whether paved with stone or using timber, decks are a great addition to any home and can either sit adjacent to the house or elevated off the ground. Decks make living in the great outdoors even greater by inspiring care-free living while still making a bold statement.


Garage Conversions & ADU's


A garage conversion is a sound option for households in need of more living space. Not only is this renovation often more affordable than an extension to your property, but the options for how you use the space are endless. Whether you prefer to convert your garage into a gym, office, laundry room or play room; or build a new ADU (accessory dwelling unit), either way has the potential to add more living space and increase the value of your home.

Tenant Improvements


Painting, tiling, flooring, new cabinetry, and repairs. Our team is on hand to ensure your property is beautifully updated. Improvements and maintenance is an unavoidable and important part of owning a property. If done right, it ensures that your property remains a safe, secure and cared for environment. This will provide the opportunity to not only increase the value of your property, but improve on it as a living space.

Image by Nick Karvounis

Hospitality Renovations


The restaurant business isn’t easy—especially with new competitors opening their doors every day. To keep up with changing trends and appeal to new customers, industry pros recommend remodeling your restaurant every five to ten years. Our design and construction team work with restaurants from inception to completion to create spaces that have an impact.

Pilates Studio



Many homeowners have space that they either don’t use or under utilize. With gyms closed during the pandemic, setting up an inspirational space with a yoga mat, set of weights and equipment could be all you need to get in shape in the comfort of your own home. Whether it's renovating your current unused space or building a new area in your home, our team has the expertise to transform dynamic spaces.


Commercial Renovations


Complete construction and renovation of commercial spaces built to your requirements, including office refurbishments, extensions to commercial premises and change of use on commercial premises. Our goal is to provide the highest quality building product with the best overall value and customer experience.

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