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5 Hidden Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

As governments move towards a net-zero future, companies and individuals are being urged to do their part by reducing their carbon footprints.

In recent years, consumer demand for eco-friendly products has highlighted the need for greener manufacturing. Fortunately, there are now a wide array of environmentally friendly household goods on the market, including dishwashers, fridge-freezers and even televisions. However, many homeowners are going a step further in a bid to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. With plastic-free kitchens and enhanced recycling schemes, a green revolution is taking place in homes up and down the country.

The environmental benefits of these changes are obvious, but you may not realise there are other advantages associated with having an energy efficient home. If you’re looking for extra motivation to embrace green living, take a look at the hidden benefits an energy efficient home can offer:

1. Lower Fuel Bills

A direct consequence of having an energy efficient home is the reduced fuel bills you’ll receive. When you cut your energy consumption, your utility bills should decrease accordingly. Whether you’re paying for gas or electric, or both, you can substantially reduce your monthly or quarterly outgoings by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you’re looking for even more ways to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can even make the switch to renewable energy. Many utility companies now offer sustainable packages which allow you to use energy that’s been produced from renewable sources only. In many instances, this is even cheaper than standard rates, so you can cut your costs and your carbon footprint in one fell swoop.

2. Cheaper House Insurance

When you’re paying for home insurance, there are various factors that affect the price, including the size of your property, any security systems you have in place and your proximity to lakes, rivers or streams. However, many people are unaware that the energy efficiency of your property can affect insurance prices too. Many insurance companies offer discounts to householders who have energy efficient windows, doors or appliances and you might be surprised at how much you can save.

Getting home insurance quotes is typically the fastest and most convenient way to find the best prices. A vast array of options allows you to customise your quote to suit your needs and you can purchase a policy online or over the phone in seconds.

3. Increased Comfort

Your home is your castle, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to make it as comfortable as possible. Properties with lower energy efficiency ratings are notoriously difficult to keep comfy, particularly when it comes to indoor temperatures. If your home isn’t energy efficient, for example, you may notice a big difference in the temperature from one room to another or cold spots on walls. In some cases, the temperature can vary considerably from one side of a room to the other!

By improving energy efficiency via insulation or weatherstripping, you can eradicate draughts and air leakage to make your home infinitely more comfortable. From keeping the heat in during the winter to allowing fresh air in throughout the summer, making your home more energy efficient will maximise your comfort.

4. Higher Value

Today’s consumers are much more environmentally conscious than they once were, which means future property buyers are likely to seek out energy efficient homes. If you’re thinking about selling your property, you could secure a higher price if you’ve already made it more eco-friendly.

When property companies are constructing new build homes, this is one of the reasons why they’re building environmentally friendly properties. By doing so, they can maximise the resale value and attract a wider range of buyers.

5. Better Air Quality

When your home reaches optimal energy efficiency levels, you’ll be using your heating and air-cooling systems less frequently. This can help to enhance the air quality in your home, as well as reducing the number of pollutants that impact the environment. While this can be beneficial for everyone, it can have a particularly positive effect if you have certain conditions, such as allergies or asthma. By improving the air quality within your home, you can enjoy a healthier living space and protect the environment at the same time.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are numerous ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your home, which means you can start making changes right away. Replacing incandescent lightbulbs with LED bulbs is a simple yet effective way to reduce your energy consumption, for example. Similarly, installing low flow taps and showers, upgrading your insulation or installing solar panels can help you to boost your energy efficiency and make your home more environmentally friendly.


Energy Live News

Harry Matyjaszek

Friday 15 January 2021


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